Experiment in Connection

While I am comfortable sharing my voice, Tundra is a new way for me to be in relationship, in dialogue. It is an experiment in connection and sharing knowledge. i was so excited to launch the site and let nature take its course. I embrace allowing life to organically unfold. We put in our work, guided by our passions and get to witness what comes of it. We can never really know what is coming next on the path, but If we are paying attention to what is happening around us, within us, in nature, and with people, we can navigate it well. Take advantage of opportunities. Have fun with the brilliance of the moments and experience.

I usually take time to carefully craft my written word, but with Tundra I am opening the door to my raw reflections and experiences of life. I am doing it because I believe there is value in sharing real life. A major part of healing is becoming real with ourself, honest with ourself, forgiving of ourself, and being willing to face our own issues when we recognize them arising in our thoughts and actions. I am no exception, but I have been challenging myself to hold a solid standard of commitment to a set of values that I believe can help heal and transform our world. It is mostly about love, honesty, dedication, holistic wellness, forgiveness, openness, and living our dreams, but I'll get to more on that in later posts.

For now, I am happy to begin this era in my lifes work. To connect with each of you in conversation about what really matters in life. That which can help us to sustain balance, not perfection, but a sense of groundedness and authenticity to self and others. For life is truly great and my wish is that we can all learn to live it well, love fully, and enjoy the blessings we have received.