Honor the Woman

There is no reason to fear a strong, confident, self-actualized woman. An old Gwich'in story encourages young men to seek out just that kind of woman for a wife. She will be an equal partner, fulfill her role, and bring you happiness. I have found this story to be true. There is little more beautiful and powerful than a woman who is internally balanced, aware of her innate gifts, and pursuing her capacity to shine. Just as important, our world is in dire need of the feminine to re-balance the masculine, which has been dominating our systems of governance, economics, and education at home and beyond for too long. This is not just a matter of more women climbing the ladder in a mens world, it is about women helping to re-shape our world altogether, so that it reflects a balance that enables sustainable, peaceful, co-creation. It is much like that of a healthy family and home life, wherein each partner is valued equally for their unique contributions to ensure the whole family prospers. When there is an imbalance, things do not tend to work out too well, and it often results in someone feeling unheard, misunderstood, and unsupported. At the scale of community, state, national, and global politics the results are magnified and far reaching. As men, we are allies and partners to the woman. Our role is to fully honor and respect each woman, as we would our own mother and grandmother. More than that, we must work to understand our male privileges in the world and pro-actively contribute to help nurture a feminine / masculine balance. In my immediate partnership, this means encouraging and supporting my wife to fulfill her dreams, passions, and path, as she supports mine. In relationships we are there to uplift, not to hold back, one another in our growth and aspirations. We are always learning and developing on a path of personal and spiritual growth. I give thanks to all the women who have helped shape my life.

Pictured above from top left are my eldest daughter, sister, mother, sister-in-law, late grandmother, wife, niece, and middle daughter.