Naturally Dreamers

In my early teens, as I experienced the human metamorphosis from child to young adult, I began an era in my journey of awakening, riddled with revelations about the nature of life, and questioning my place within it. I began to see the universe around me through new lenses of observation and understanding. It was a vibrant time, full of dreams, powerful emotions, first love, and contemplation. The possibilities were alive in me and each day was an adventure. I began to see the world a bit more for what it truly is, as I peeled back the layers of reality, moving deeper into an understanding of how and why things happen the way they do. It is a journey we all embark upon and the freshness of this exploration can last an entire lifetime if we let it. There are not enough days in the course of a human life to discover all that this universe has to offer us. This is both limiting and liberating at the same time. No one has to worry about trying to know it all and we have a million possibilities at our fingertips to deepen knowledge, build skill sets, and learn new things. Throughout life we also get to know ourselves better, understanding a bit more about what we enjoy, our passions, the way of life that brings us balance and happiness. We are naturally dreamers.