Pursue a Good Life

“Life was not meant to be easy.
You have to work at it to live a good life.”
My grandmother shared with me.
More importantly,
She set the example.

Our people believe in living a quality life.
Acquire good tools that last a long time,
Build skill sets that will provide for you,
Develop a solid work ethic,
Be honest and dependable.

Envision the life you want,
Embrace it within your heart,
Speak life into it,
Take the steps to pursue it.

Remember there are no shortcuts,
When you hit a wall,
Chisel away at it,
Transform it to something that helps you,
Makes you stronger,
Then take the next step,
Building your foundation,
Deepening your roots.

Understand how your choices help or hinder,
Seek not to be perfect,
But recognize where you are at,
Be on a trajectory of growth,
A path of healing and development,
Learn to enjoy each stage,
Each day,
Each moment.

Pursue a Good Life.