Rising Spirit

The days permeate
I breathe
This land is my home
Let it be known
Prophets stood before us
Stories been told
Through the flame of fire
Under moonlit skies
The Wise have spoken

This is existence
An embrace of the unknown
Alone on the tundra
A breeze across my cheek
The raven guide
Caribou roam

A vision shown
Through starlit night
An ice-cold frostbite
I breathe
Alive in the moment
What we have
A dream in a dream
I believe

This land bears my roots
Tears of great–grandfathers
Absorbed in the earth
I stand where they stand
Embraced by ancestral spirit
Prepared for the battle

With chosen words spoken
I pray on the land
My tears reaching earth
Therein lies the birth
Of change

And our Spirits rise
Where earth meets sky
To greet the day