Lift Each Other Up

When we are navigating a deep sandy ravine together, the last thing we want to do is pull one another down as we each work to reach solid ground. For each person who makes it to solid ground, we increase the strength and capacity of us all to make it out. In our lives this ravine can take many forms - emotional, spiritual, mental, economic, physical, political, or variations of all the above. When a community member with an alcohol problem returns home from going to treatment, do you offer them a drink? When a person who suffered childhood trauma is learning to feel good about who they are in a healthy way and succeeding in pursuing their dream, do you start rumors to crush their progress? No, of course not. We congratulate and encourage them for each step they take in a positive direction. We are all on a journey together, even though we do not always see or feel it to be this way. Rather than pull one another down, we have a responsibility to lift each other up, and in doing so we are actually helping to sustain our own footing as well. It is not a blind support, one that could enable unhealthy cycles. It is a conscious and intentional lifting of the spirit and capacity, towards a balanced healthy future.