Short Reflection on Wellness

There is so much to share about where our people are at and what can be done to help. Many are in a state of post-traumatic stress, sometimes layered with generations of abuse, neglect, and addiction. It feels overwhelming to many people, so there is the attempt to escape, often through self-destructive behavior. The wounds are deep and so the healing must also be deep. It is more than any one of us can handle alone, so it takes everyone being involved. Each of us can begin by making the right choices in our lives, so that we are setting a healthy example, while also being proactive in trying to help and support others in their path of healing. Prevention is a healing of the wounds when implemented well. The real change can only come from within the person, from within the family, and from within the community. People have to decide when they have been through enough and begin to seek help, change their behaviors, become honest, and confront the negative influences in their lives, at the personal, family, and community levels. This is scary for many people because there are often only a few local people willing to support them. In some cases they are put down for trying to change the way things are, because many do not want to give up their own addictions or unhealthy behaviors. It takes people having the courage to confront their own issues and expose themselves by becoming proactive in the change toward wellness. I encourage those on the path to stay strong in your commitments and to care for yourself well along the way.