We Grow in Stages

I offer thanks and praises to all of you who are working to improve the lives of your family and community. This path is not easy and it often takes time to realize the benefits of our actions. We grow in stages. As we heal our own wounds and seek a productive balanced lifestyle, we garner knowledge of how to help support others along the path. We can only guide people as far as we have gone. They may even pass us in their healing and growth, which is actually what we want for each new generation, for them to make it further than we were able to go. The vision is long term, so we must develop both determination and patience to continue to move forward on a daily basis, building a stronger foundation with each step. Over time, our roots grow deeper, which generate a growing emotional, mental, and spiritual stability in our life. We become better able to recognize the beauty in life experience and better able to enjoy the blessing of life we each have received. Mahsi’ cho!