Faith in what must be

What I do?
Is be,
A spirit,
Strong and free,
It doesn’t all make sense,
Even to me,
I’m fine with it,
I have to be,
It is my path to walk,
That much I see.

I see many possibilities,
The world a palette,
The paints my dreams,
And a single masterpiece,
Calling my name.

If only this art were simple,
Free of sorrow and pain,
Heartache and shame,
But then,
What would its value be?

A destiny it is,
Every step an adventure,
Deeper into imagination,
On approach to a river,
That nourishes us all.

The art of lessons,
Carried by stories,
Transforming reality,
So we may continue on.

It is beauty,
Life on purpose,
Faith in what must be.