The Daily Show segment on Denali

It has been a bit too long since I published any posts, but life has a way of keeping one busy.

I have made a few changes to simplify communication with folks interested in following my work, including changing the name of the website. I also merged the e-mail subscriptions into one list. If you are not interested in recieving the e-mails, you can simply unsubscribe. The pace of posts will continue to be slow.

I was featured in a segment on the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart this past week. It focused on the issue of officially returning the name of Denali to the Alaskan mountain. They had a lot of great footage to work with, including interviews with Miranda Wright and Adeline Raboff Kari, but were only able to include one of the voices in the 6 minute segment. It is a show on Comedy Central, so be warned it has some obscene language, but I think it carries the message well.

Watch Video Here

Best to everyone.