On human values in uncertain times

My friends, we are living in uncertain times, perhaps more than anytime in the living memories of most who will read this post. It is a time of reflection and awakening. A time to learn of historic and contemporary injustice and ideologies that threaten peace, security, and sustainability. A time for real conversations that elevate awareness on a broader level within our families, communities, and society.

I believe that most human beings share similar values that celebrate diversity, encourage brotherhood and sisterhood, promote equity, desire peace, highly regard knowledge and practical skills, seek sustainability for future generations, and uphold a healthy and honest life. I think that the greatest challenge humanity faces is the integration of these values into political and economic systems that shape our contemporary existence.

The path humanity is currently on is unsustainable, is perpetuating inequity in the consolidation of power and wealth, and is resulting in a high level of human suffering. I think that it will take a profound spiritual, educational, and conscious awakening for humanity to alter our course. Many alive today will be charged with helping to navigate substantial changes in our natural, economic, and political environments in their lifetime.

I pray that wisdom, love, and truth ground our path forward.