Tanana Chiefs Conference 2014

This is my five minute speech from the Tanana Chiefs Conference annual convention in March of 2014. I was a candidate for President of the organization. My friend Victor Joseph was elected as our President three days later and I am happy to support him in that role. It was a great experience for me and by request I am sharing the speech I offered.

We Breathe Again Preview

This is the first preview of our feature length documentray film on the issue of suicide prevention in Alaska. The film is being produced by Gwanzhii, LLC, Crawl Walk Run, LLC, and Native Movement, with partnership and support from Vision Maker Media, Maniilaq Association, Kawerak Inc., Tanana Chiefs Conference, Bering Strait Native Corporation, Alaska Mental Health Trust, Rasmuson Foundation, and many other organizations and individuals. We are planning to have the film ready for release in 2015.

Connecting for Change 2012

Sharing a bit of my story and reflections with a couple thousand people at the Connecting for Change conference, hosted by the Marion Institute. If you have already seen the We Breathe Again preview, you can forward to start of my talk at the 6 minute mark.

Interview on Suffering & Healing 2012

This was a follow up backstage interview, right after my keynote speech in Boston on October 27th, 2012. The interviewer asks about suffering, healing, and global warming. It is a bit of a heavy topic area, so be aware of that if you choose to watch it. Best to you all :)

Inupiaq Leadership Conference 2012

Hosted by the North Slope Borough School District. Program development and facilitation by Gwanzhii, LLC and the Inupiaq Education Department. Film production by Crawl Walk Run, LLC, Gwanzhii, LLC, and the Indigenous Leadership Institute.

Camp Pigaaq 2011

In June of 2011, the Maniilaq Wellness program, in partnership with Adeline Aucha Kameroff, Lance Kramer, Earl Keggulluk Polk, and Evon Peter hosted Camp Pigaaq @ Sadie Creek, south of Kotzebue, Alaska. The intention of the Camp was to provide an opportunity for youth to learn cultural knowledge and skills that help provide for a healthy and fulfilling life. The Indigenous Leadership Institute and Crawl Walk Run Films collaborated to produce a documentary film of the Camp.

Camp Igaliq 2011

Camp Igaliq is presented by Kawerak Inc. in collaboration with Crawl Walk Run, the Indigenous Leadership Institute, and Gwanzhii, with support from the Healthy Alaska Natives Foundation and SAMHSA. It documents an Alaska Native youth culture camp at Salmon Lake in July 2011, outside Nome, Alaska. Camp Igaliq is a program of Kawerak Wellness, which is working to prevent violence, abuse, and suicide in the Bering Straits region of Alaska, while promoting a positive and healthy way of life.